The Membership Economy Lab
The Membership Economy Lab

Welcome to The Membership Economy Lab

Dedicated to subscription practitioners in the Membership Economy, hosted by Robbie Kellman Baxter

About Us

The Membership Economy Lab is a private community of entrepreneurs building membership and subscription models using principles of Robbie Kellman Baxter's book, The Membership Economy.

Why You Should Join Us

The Lab has a culture of sharing and helping one another. We post articles with useful tips. If you have a challenge or question as you're building out your membership model, you can post it and get ideas from your peers. 

And Robbie tries to personally answer every questions posted in the lab. And it's all free! 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone of you, for building organizations designed to serve your members' long term needs.  Better for them, better for you.  And thank you for sharing your learnings with us.  It helps us provide all!

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